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Fascinating poker.

Many of us often hear about a game like poker. But not many people realize what kind of game this is. And, nevertheless, it is played by millions of people around the world. This is the most popular and exciting game, bringing great pleasure. In addition to pleasure, there is also the money side of the issue. A good player has a good income from the game.

There are more than 130 varieties of poker.

 What is interesting about poker? Poker is interesting for its unpredictability. For thousands of years has not been invented yet, no strategy game, which would give a one hundred percent result.  The game is constructed in such a way that it obeys the laws of probability and mathematical statistics.

Poker is a very emotional game. This is psychology. Sometimes on the behavior of the player at the table you can read his cards, unravel the bluff. The better a person knows the laws of psychology, the more he has the chance to become a good player.

Poker is a huge field for those who want to realize themselves in mathematics.

This game is aimed at developing the mental abilities of a person. The game brings up patience and endurance. Poker can be practiced by people of different ages. There is no division of sex and race.

The biggest prize in poker was 9,152,416 dollars, and it was received by the Danish player 22-year-old Peter Eastgate in 2008 at the WSOP.

The probability of collecting a royal flush is only 0.0002%. In 1994, American Alex Hemstri, playing at the Mirage casino in Las Vegas, collected the Royal Flush twice in a row. With the same probability, the monkey that was put on the piano can ideally play a 5-minute excerpt from the lunar sonata.

There is a case when a blind person played poker. The player does not see completely. At the gaming table, he uses the help of a reader who comments on the opponent’s actions and calls him cards.

In addition to the fact that the player must be lucky, he must be able to count and behave psychologically correctly. Only then the game will bring him great pleasure, and he will understand what is so interesting about poker.

In poker, there are signs and superstitions. So, it is considered a bad omen to play in the room in which the dog is located.   Play in dirty clothes – to luck.

There is every reason to include poker in the list of sports games. The random element makes the game more popular and popular.

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